On Sept. 27th, the ACMA filed a Motion with the Postal Regulatory Commission to waive rule 39 CFR § 3030.221 from the expected January 2024 postal rate increase as applied to Marketing Mail Carrier Route products, including a significant portion of catalog mail.

Rule 39 CFR § 3030.221 requires the Postal Service to raise rates for non-compensatory products in compensatory classes by at least 2 percentage points above the average for that class.

Example of Potential Savings
The 2% increase was tacked on to the January and July 2023 rate hikes. If our Motion is successful and, say, for argument’s sake the January 2024 increase were to wind up identical to the January 2023 increase, a typical mailer would be hit with roughly a 4% increase rather than a 6% for the Carrier Route flats portion of its mailings.

Greater Funding Needed
The Motion and ACMA’s other lobbying work isn’t cheap. In August, we circulated an appeal to both ACMA members and non-members seeking to build our Postal Action Fund war chest. Many thanks to those who’ve made donations.

For those who have not, please consider making yours today as we’re still well short of our goal and plenty more work lies ahead if we’re to succeed in thwarting these brutal postage increases. But without additional funding, we may have to sit on the sidelines.

How and How Much To Contribute
Simply respond to this email with your pledge now. For ACMA members, we’re suggesting a donation amount equal to your annual dues. For non-members, we ask that you review our dues chart and make a comparably-sized donation in line with what your level would be.

Meantime, we’ll keep you posted on our progress in this crucial case.


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