On January 17th, the US Postal Service will implement new prices on competitive products – primarily parcels. We’re constantly looking for ways to create more value and reduce operating costs for our members and we’d like to present an opportunity for catalogers who wish to use Priority Mail for some or all of their package shipments.


Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) for parcels is the discounted tier above Commercial Base Pricing (CBP). Ordinarily, to qualify for Commercial Plus rates, individual companies must ship 5,000 First Class packages per year or 50,000 Priority Mail packages per year. But for those who are unable to reach these minimums, assuming there is sufficient member interest, the ACMA will aggregate a group to qualify for a Negotiated Service Agreement (NSA) to gain Commercial Plus discounted rates.
(Click here for a backgrounder on USPS Commercial Priority Mail options.)


For larger-volume shippers, who already qualify for CPP, you could be part of this NSA too, because postal discounts are progressive. It may be that we can improve your pricing as well, so please consider submitting your package volume.



Benefits to Our Members

  • Achieve discounted Priority Mail rates typically only available to larger volume shippers
  • Improve your fulfillment times by upgrading to Priority Mail (at discounted rate)
  • Provide more shipping options for your customers

How You Can Take Advantage

  • The NSA is being offered with no additional charges or fees as an added value to ACMA members as part of your membership.
  • Non-members can become eligible to take part in the NSA by joining the ACMA.
  • To join the ACMA, contact Lynn Noble right away at 513-608-4749 or lnoble@catalogmailers.org.

Registration & Deadline

  • To be considered for the NSA, participants must first provide some basic package level detail by filling out this form and emailing it to Lynn. All information submitted will be considered proprietary and will not be shared beyond ACMA staff without specific written permission.
    • If this is not typically your area, please consult with your transportation or shipping manager, who should readily have access to the information we’ll need to show the USPS.
  • Completed spreadsheets must be returned to Lynn Noble by Friday, January 15, 2016.

Other Key Information

  • The primary objective now is to gauge interest among our members (and non-members who would need to join ACMA to take part) and see if we would have enough volume to warrant an NSA so that the effort is worthwhile.
  • If such an NSA garners enough interest, our intent is to work closely with the USPS to see where an opportunity may exist. However, we have had only preliminary discussions with the USPS about this as we must obviously understand the volumes involved first before any negotiation on rates is possible.
  • As with any NSA the USPS writes, there is a rigorous process of review and approval before it becomes a completed deal. Obviously, we will go through the same process everyone else does to get a competitive Negotiated Service Agreement.
  • When completing our information request, consider all the outbound shipping volume you currently generate. Many of you ship using a variety of carriers, not just the USPS. Please respond with all applicable package volume, not only what you are shipping currently via the Postal Service.

Next Steps
At this time, we are accumulating data to determine the level of interest and potential volume. The ACMA can only move forward if we can aggregate adequate volumes, so please let us know right away if you’d like to take part. The more volume we can build, the better the potential discount will be.

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