Fighting to keep catalog postage affordable
and fending off intrusive sales tax legislation.

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For Members Only: Your Annual Postal Rate Prognostications

Dear Member: As we ordinarily do at this time of year, here is ACMA’s predicted postage increase for 2019 so you can plan how you should adjust your catalog circulation: 2.5% Rate Hike Expected If the USPS files on the expected schedule in a few weeks, using the latest numbers, the CPI cap will be 2.418%, […]

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Support ACMA’s program of work by providing much needed resources dedicated to the burning issues affecting catalogers today! ACMA’s Action Funds are segregated accounts held by ACMA, made available as a “war chest” to deploy on specific issues that impact cataloging, and thereby eliminating the time and effort needed to raise funds in the heat of battle.

The bottom line of my business has improved by 12% because of the work of the ACMA and its members to control postage costs. If you are a catalog mailer, you need to be an ACMA member…

Bob Runke

President, Barco Products Company

I’m absolutely convinced that we’d have had several double digit postal hikes had it not been for the work that we collectively have done in ACMA.

Terri Alpert

CEO, Uno Alla Volta & The Artisan Table

The ACMA is the only organization we belong to. Quite simply, that’s because we MUST belong. It is the only group specifically focused on our industry’s interests, with direct access to USPS and Congressional decision-makers. The ACMA helps us catalogers make our case effectively.

Bill Garbose

President & CEO, Harriet Carter Gifts