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Up Front

ACMA Member Exclusive: April MTAC Report

The April 9-10 meetings of the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) were held at USPS headquarters in Washington. Below you’ll find notes and slides from the open sessions held on April 9th. We’ve hyperlinked slide decks in the headings of the sessions that used the decks. Slides from the more intimate and closed “focus group” […]

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ACMA Member Exclusive: ACMA, USPS Finalize Catalog Postal Incentive

By Deborah Damore, ACMA Postal Committee Chair Dear Fellow Member: The Postal Service has announced a new catalog incentive to become effective July 14th, aligned with the 2024 summer rate change. The filing still requires Postal Regulatory Commission approval, which is expected by May 30th.  The incentive and an updated, new definition of what qualifies […]

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ACMA Member Exclusive: July Postal Rate Increase Overview

On Tuesday April 9th as anticipated, the Postal Service announced a 7.8 percent increase on rates for its Market Dominant products scheduled to take effect on July 14. The Postal Regulatory Commission will review the USPS proposal and receive comments from interested parties. ACMA’s Board will consider if and how to participate in the attendant […]

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How Members Value Their ACMA Membership

Our business has materially benefited from our partnership and support of the work of the ACMA in preserving affordable postage rates, making remote sales tax collection workable, and finding a solution to the patchwork of state privacy laws. We have seen a positive ROI from all this work and we have been better prepared to address challenges and opportunities that continue to appear in the marketplace.

Rob Goergen

Chairman, Silver Star Brands

Over the course of our membership, the ACMA has saved us millions.  For years, the ACMA has been the sole organization to provide our industry with visibility into potential cost increases, legislation and regulation and importantly, securing us a consistent ‘seat at the table’ in these matters.

Jonathan L. Fleischmann

Executive Chairman, Potpourri Group, Inc.

My experience serving on the ACMA board has shown me what incredible things we can accomplish when we work together to attack common problems.  From postal rates to complex state tax issues, to the mélange of privacy legislation confronting remote sellers, the ACMA is out in front of issues informing the membership, developing a strategic response and delivering results with our friends in Washington.

Jim Hall

President & CEO, The Vermont Country Store

The ACMA fights for — and wins — positive outcomes for small, medium and large catalog & other remote merchants and their suppliers on issues critical to our business economic concerns on postage, taxes, privacy & data security, and product safety. ACMA needs greater participation to keep winning on concerns that will positively benefit our businesses.

Rick Kropski

SVP, Supply Chain & Logistics, Arandell Corp.

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